LDS Girls Camp 2017 Music To My Ears

Well, we just returned from an event-filled week. If you're a girl between the ages of 12-18 or a friend of one in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints than you get to participate in what is known as "Girl's Camp".

It is a wonderful opportunity to go away for a few days and experience nature and draw closer to God while hanging out with 200 of your closest friends. 

I had the opportunity to help organize camp this year. We chose the theme "Music to My Ears" Everything we did that week revolved around music.

 Here's what we started with: our scripture we wanted to be about music, and have significance to women, so we chose Doctrine and Covenants 25:12. This was the revelation given to Emma Smith to organize the Hymn book for Sabbath day worship. "For my soul delighteth in the song of the heart; yea, the song of the righteous is a prayer unto me, and it shall be answered with a blessing upon their heads."

We asked the Young Women in our area to come up with designs for t-shirts around our theme. We chose a few designs and combined them to make it look like a concert t-shirt.



We also wanted a staff shirt so the young women would know who they could go to for direction. They also have to complete camp certifications (rope tying, basic first aid, orienteering etc.) and we were hoping the staff shirts would help them find who their leader was quicker. Here is the t-shirt a friend designed.

She also designed our general logo:

We used these on notebooks and pens we gave to each participant for use during scripture study:

Every person also received a nametag. We wanted it to go with our music theme so we made it look like a  VIP backstage pass for a concert. Inside each nametag was a full schedule.

Our Hymn for the week was "Come Thou Fount" and every day we chose a daily theme based on a line from the hymn, and coordinated our activities around that line. We also asked each of the young women to practice the song before camp, and look up any verbiage they were not familiar with. 

I was able to give a devotional surrounding the line "Praise the Mount". Here is the talk I referenced: Why This Holy Land

We had a few major activities planned. Adam Bevell spoke about his experience with Bono and how he let music help him through his transition of losing his sight. He wanted to define himself as a Son of God and a great Father, not as a "blind guy". It was really moving. So was the $800,000 guitar he personally received from Bono.

We had another guest speaker talk about how she loved to sing, and perform, but she was diagnosed with cancer in her nose. Through 2 surgeons (the first totally ripping her off) and 15 surgeries, she is now able to sing again and has a normal shaped face again. She is beautiful inside and out but talked of the difficulties of going through so many transitions and how music was her solace.

We had a dance too. Here is our "safe" playlist.

We had a spiritual program where "biblical" and "modern" women talked through their experiences with the Savior and how each related to a song. 

We played music during each meal and made the girls dance in front of everyone to get lost and found items returned. We have 10 congregations (we call them wards) in our area, and each had a musical genre. Each ward had a variety show number they performed based on their genre.

We took a hike in the dark and sang songs in the woods with flashlights that were religious based. It was so beautiful looking at the stars and focusing on our feelings. 

Our dinners had themes too. First was country. We served hamburgers and hot dogs and played country music. Second was mariachi (taco Tuesday) so we played Latin music, last was Italian were we ate dinners served at Olive Garden and played Italian folk songs. Our cooks were a.ma.zing.

For our service projects, we decided on 2; one local and one international. Our local organization is Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels We tie-dyed t-shirts for those battling cancer and wrote notes of encouragement to those children and their family members.

The second organization we worked with is Days for Girls. It is a group that provides washable feminine hygiene kits for young women in areas where there are no supplies available. Girls previously had to miss a week of school every month during their cycles. These kits literally allow young women to stay in school giving them days and weeks back for education. Can you imagine having 3 more years of schooling at a high school level? We cut fabric to later be sewn into liners and pads.

It was packed with fun and everyone including leaders had an amazing experience. I was so glad I got to be apart of this week. 

As a farewell parting gift, we gave the staff Symphony chocolate bars, and the young women a bracelet.

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