The Miracle House Part 2

Renovations are no joke. Add in the complexity of living in your home while renovating, and it's at a whole new level of cray. We wanted to start with the master bathroom for several reasons. 1. we've tackled projects here and there, but never an entire house. So we thought if there was ever a room to gut, let's start with a small one. That way if we completely botch the handiwork, no one will see it, unless invited. 2. It is a small space, so we thought we could knock it out quicker than other project rooms. and 3. It was a good size to practice on. If we nail it, we keep going, if we get in over our heads, we know we need to hire out the work. So we started...

This is what we started with:

We wanted to keep the rub and shower, everything else had to go.

 I painted the walls with Sherwin Williams "Rainwashed" I love this color so much! Everything here in Arizona is tan and brown, so I went for something cool and refreshing. I also wanted a hint of gray. 

We are replacing all of the baseboards in the house as well. So I didn't have to worry about taping anything off or dripping on the floor. That made for a quick paint job. 

Next, we ripped out the sink and started tearing up the floor. It was both stress relieving and stress inducing, if that's possible. Tile is heavy! So banging it up with a hammer is kinda fun! Hauling it all away- not so much. This is the picture I sent Mr. B to let him know we were starting on our bathroom. 

After the floor was removed, we chose a new tile. We wanted a wood look but there just aren't really any wood floors here in the desert, so we went for a porcelain tile with a wood look. We chose Montagna Rustic Bay 6 in. x 24 in. Glazed Porcelain Floor and Wall Tile.
I started in the water closet, and laid the full pieces down. When Mr. B got home from work we measured the odd angle pieces and put those down. 

It went so much better than I was anticipating! We installed a new commode, and I hung a picture of Central Park I took while on a trip there. Now all the water closet needs are baseboards. 

Next came the main part of the bathroom: I always laid the full pieces first, and let those dry for 24 hours. That way I would have something to kneel on when doing the edges of the room. It seemed to work well for me. 

We installed the new vanities, with his and her sinks, new light fixtures, shelving, a towel hook, and added the finishing touches. 

I purchased these knobs from Hobby Lobby:

And the rest of the decor from various stores:

Here's the finished Master Bath (minus the baseboards): 

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