Preschool Prep Week 25: Make Believe

This week for Make Believe we dipped and dove into many fairy tales and even made a new story.

1. make gold slime Source

We made it together and the girls loved this!

2. spin straw into gold
We flipped a bike upside down and pretended to push straw through the spinning bike tires while rotating the pedals. 

3. make a princess/prince out of shapes using triangles for crown, circle head, square torso, rectangle pants/arms or triangle skirt.

4. paint a royal portrait
5. build your dream castle out of blocks, or toilet paper tubes and cardboard
6. match the jewels to the crown, by shape or number
7. Write your own "fill in the blank" fairy tale. I gave each of the students a fairy tale sticker sheet and we inserted our stickers to make a story:

8. Learn about the real Queen of England, and the Princes' families.
9. Practice manners like a royal

10. have the day off-what would you do, where would you go?
11. How would you keep a fire breathing dragon out of your castle?
12. Write a letter with a quill. This one was particularly fun. 

13. Sew a tapestry
14. make stained glass with tissue paper, and clear contact paper.

15. Similar to pin the tail on the donkey, kiss the frog prince on the lips

16. letter Q page
I told the girls that The Q Queen needs her royal assistant letter U so we practiced the coloring the Queen with her servant "u"


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