Preschool Prep Week 26: Wild Wild West

1. Make homemade butter with heavy whipping cream
2. make homemade bread I highly recommend this one because it gives your a jump on dinner! I used this recipe and it's never let me down. Recipe

3. Use gold coins at the general store: make gold coins from yellow salt dough

4. play tic-tac-toe using sheriff stars and horseshoes
5. Play horseshoes with rolled poster board stuffed into egg carton, and horseshoes cut from remaining poster board

6. Measure each child to see how many "hands" tall they are. A few centuries ago this is how horses were measured. So we made a ruler using their hands as increments and then measured how many hands tall they were. 

7. practice "rope tying" with either real rope, or very thick yarn

8. design cowboy vests from brown grocery sacks
9. memory using cowboy boots
10. paint cactus picture with green paint and forks for needles

11. dropper dye coffee filters with red and yellow, then cur out sunset picture from black construction picture. glue coffee filter to the back as sunset.

12. Tell Camp fire stories around pretend campfire

13. Sing Campfire songs
14. Practice lassoing a horse
15. square dance
16. "WANTED" Posters have the child draw their own face, and reward money at the bottom, I burned the edges of the paper to make it look old.

17. Make trail mix for snack. This may have been their favorite part. We have a student with a nut allergy so we used white and milk chocolate chips, pretzels, sun flower seeds, and raisens


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