Preschool Prep: Thanksgiving

Use large legos dipped in paint to mimic Indian corn, or roll an actual ear of corn through paint and roll onto a piece of paper, then cut the shape of an ear of corn out of paper and glue on a clean piece of paper.

Draw a Native American Beaded headband with a grid, have the children color in the blocks to make the number of the day, or letter, or even their name. Then add feathers to the headband. 

Have each child describe what they want at their Thanksgiving feast

Write each name with kitchen spices. Dip q-tips in glue first and have them color in the letter with the glue. Then sprinkle the spices on top. 

Fingerprint the turkey's feathers. Match the number in the middle to the number of finger prints. 

Make a sensory bin using dried beans, dried peas, pine cones, acorns, leaves and sticks. 

Have the children "make" Thanksgiving dinner. 

Thankful Tree. We just ripped brown paper bags into pieces, glued them onto a poster board, and then every time the child named something they were thankful for, we added a leaf, and wrote around the leaf why it was added.

We also made roasted turkeys out of candy
Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcakes Recipe
Find directions from Taste of Home


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