Preschool Prep Week 23: Easter

For Easter, in our family, it is about celebrating the religious reasons for the Holiday. It's about the bunnies and plastic eggs too, but we try to remember the real reason for the day. With that being the case our activities this week will include both religious and non-religious activities. If you have something that your family has done, I'd love to hear about it. After all that's the point of this blog: to share ideas and help edify each other.

Math: Little Family Fun had a great way to play a game using shapes. It would be fun to have the shapes outlined, and they color them in, and make the bunny bag.

Science: Powerful Mothering Has 4 free printables for Easter. The images in the picture are counting the shapes in the picture, matching the bird to its egg color, and finding the pair to the Easter egg. She even recommends the child cutting out the first set of eggs to match to its pair, giving them additional learning.

Teach the children about gravity. Fill different eggs with items that weigh different. For instance a heavy magnet in one, and a feather in another. Drop the eggs at the same time and see which hits the ground first. Explain why they hit at the same time. 
image credit: thefirstingredient.com

Living Montessori Now has a ton of great Easter Activities. Here's one that I thought was particularly great. What sound does the object start with? Match it with the correct letter.  

This one was fun too. It's similar to the tulip counting game we did for Spring week. Picking up the chicks with a clothes pin, count the correct number. You could substitute yellow pom poms if you didn't have 20 little chicks around :)

Your Home based Mom has a great activity using 12 Easter eggs all filled with an item surrounding the Atonement, and resurrection.

Treat: Over at Please Give Peas a Chance there is a great tutorial on making resurrection rolls.I love the message of hope the empty tomb gives. It shows us that "He is not here, but is Risen". 

 I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Some refer to us as LDS, others as Mormons. I wanted to take a minute and share my belief about the Savior. My faith that he lived and lives today comes from moments of pondering and prayer to know for myself. I feel His love for me in my daily life. There is great power in knowing that we can be forgiven for the mistakes that we make. I love my Savior for setting a perfect example for me on how to conduct my life. In learning and studying His teachings I can grow closer to Him. Understanding His will gives joy to my life. I see how His teachings bless the lives of others. It is through his charity, love, understanding, mercy and strength that motivates me to help others. I rely on Him for direction and strength in my own life. If you'd like to learn more about Jesus Christ and His teachings I encourage you to do so. This might start with a silent prayer asking for direction. If you'd like a free copy of the Book of Mormon or other work of scripture please visit mormon.org This is a song my children have been learning at church.



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