I SPY book update

I made an I SPY book for my kids a few months ago, and decided their book needed some new pages. I'm kicking myself for not making one when all of the Thanksgiving/Christmas/Valentine's/Easter decor was out. This year. probably, maybe. We'll see. But I did manage to make a few more pages this week, so there's something. Feel free to save and print each photo. I formatted them to a 4x6 photo size so you can easily pick up one of those cheapy photo books and insert them. But please use the photos for personal use only. Not that they're this amazing quality or anything, but still.

 I know some of these are a little grey.  I couldn't take the pics outside because it was raining and whenever I get an idea in my head to do something I want it done right away. Not like in say, 24 hours when the sun is out again. I'm in the Midwest so a little grey never bothered me anyway.

Happy searching!


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