Bird's Nest Tutorial

Easter Nests

This project requires nearly no budget, as you probably have most things on hand. It's fast. Plus, it's fun and festive.

First start out blowing up balloons. I only had the 12" kind on hand, so I just used those and put just enough air in them to make them about 5" across. Put them into a glass or bowl for stability.

Cut strips of yarn and drench them in Elmer's glue. As you pick them up out of the bowl slide your fingers down the string to remove the excess, just enough so it's not dripping. Lay the pieces on the balloon in your desired shape.

When they fully dry (mine took about 20 hours) pop the balloon carefully, and remove it. 

Fill the nest with moss and desired eggs. I used the Robin's egg candy malt balls.
Done! This would be a fun thing for kids to do. My littles are 5 and under and I think they would have been just a little to young to handle the glue without a ton of messes. So this is a good middle age range craft, so for ages 6 and older.


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