Preschool Prep Week 22: Spring

From the buds on the trees to the tulips poking out of the grown, and the feel of warm sunshine on my face, I love spring. So here's to a fun week to celebrate.
Painting, lots and lots of ideas here. We love painting in our house so I'll probably be doing one or all of these:
From housingaforest.com Painting a Spring Tree

Not sure who to give credit to, because the link is Chinese :) But this looks fun:

And we've all seen this one, but still great. Have you ever seen the Cherry Blossoms in Washington DC this time of year? One of my all time favorite memories from a family vacation.
Alphamom.com shows us how to paint them. 

Fine Motor Skills:
I was taught that the first sign of spring was a Robin. Practice being a robin, by collecting worms. Over at prekinders.com there are a ton of fine motor skill activities for kids. I liked this idea for spring. You pick up the worms (pipe cleaners) with the bird's beak (clothes pin). If you want to read something fun, click on the tag bird nest. We had a momma robin build a nest on a wreath I had made. It was amazing watching the whole process!

Another idea is for the child to practice their scissor cutting skills. It's perfect for beginners because it doesn't matter how long each piece is, or how many times they need to cut to get it right. This is called a suit cage, and can be purchased from anywhere between $1-3. 

Math: Tulip counting Anna over at the measured mom has a free printable for beginning counting.

My kids love color by number pages: Here's a great one

Seed Sprouting. All you need are seeds, wet paper towels, an air tight container (like a zip lock bag) and a warm spot. I'll be using sunflower seeds, and we'll be planting them, but beans work especially well too. 
Fold the paper towel in half and wet it until very damp. Place the seeds on the towel, then either fold or roll it up. Place the paper towel in the container, and close it. You can check it every 12 hours if you'd like. Some sprout with in 24. Then place the container in a warm spot, like the top of your refrigerator or heat register. 
Once the tails have sprouted, it's safe to plant. If the seed attaches to the paper towel, because the roots are too big, just rip off the paper towel with the seed attached and plant the whole thing. photo credit to Thyme2Gardennow
Field Trip:
On a day that's warm (we have several 60 degree days in the forecast) I'll be taking the kids to a nursery. 

 Split! Splat!


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