Valentine's Day Prep

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to celebrate Valentine's Day tomorrow! Maybe it's because Mr. B and I just celebrated our 10th anniversary. And by celebrated I mean we made a freezer meal, and put snotty coughing kids to bed and watched Mr. B work on a paper for his MBA. So I'm just bursting with love. I have a special dinner planned for us all, and by that I mean decorations because let's be honest I'm no top chef. So here's what I have planned:
(It's Friday night, which in our house means one thing...)
Served on this:
Sitting on this:

Salad will go in this:
Eaten with this:
on this: 
We'll be drinking this: SOURCE
200g raspberries
200g strawberries
300ml water
300g golden caster sugar
1 vanilla bean / pod
6-8 lemons (mine were tiny!) juice and grated rind 
in these:
And for dessert I'll serve this: SOURCE
and these: SOURCE

and we'll do it all by this:
For movie night we'll be watching this: 
While sitting on these: 
and eating this: SOURCE
and to top it all off I made each of the girls a necklace with these: 
I want this holiday to be something important to them. After all, is there there anything more important that love?

Happy Valentine's day!


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