Have you visited the blog Delia Creates? Well you should. She's pretty much amazing, and has excellent tutorials. I was searching all of my favorite home decorating sites for cute throw pillows in [grey/yellow/blue/white/brown whatever have you] and could not find any I loved. well for the price anyway. I mean they were cute and all but they cost an arm and a leg, and I'm pretty fond of mine. So I started searching my favorite DIY blogs and of course Delia had a great one.

I've made throw pillows before, and I loved how these looked kinda Anthro inspired.  So I made a few.   I bought two yards of 45" home decor fabric that just happened to be the exact shade of paint we are using. I cut them to 20" wide pieces, and just did the gathering method. I used two of the throw pillow forms I had from other pillows I made in the past, but who's covers no longer match my color scheme. I  used a coupon, so the original price was $9.99/yd. I paid $5.99. SO $12 for updated throw pillows? Yeah I'll take that. I'm not sure which style I like better with more or less ruffle, but either way they are done. Now I'm just going to admire and pretend my 2 year old didn't immediately get chocolate right in the middle of the newly finished one. Total project takes about 3 hours if you're working while the kids are up and all in your face like I was. 


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