New House Part 1

choosing the color palette: I thought this would be so easy, but it's not! So I need your help... Here are the current selections:

Cabinet Color

wilsonart white Juparana countertop

paint color:
Sherwin WIlliams "Knitting Needles" sw7672. Wall color.
two panel Roman pure white


so basically a lot of tans and greys happening here. So here's where the fun yet confusing part comes is. The life of the party, the colors of the room. 

I say blues and grey, ya know something tranquil to calm my sweet little monsters. 
Something like this:
Natural and blue + wall color
 or this
coastal tones

or even this: 

crystal color

more blue... 
glacial tones

Love this idea: creams, light blue and light gray. Perfect way to have a "white room" with kids.
serenity now. can't you just feel the calm sweeping over you?
excuse me while I go take a nap. bwahaha. three kids. a nap? Who am I kidding.

 Mr. B says yellows and grey.

or this

So now we are stuck (we were not stuck as I previously had been planning on the blues and teals until Mr. B had the afternoon off YESTERDAY and I wanted to go to Jo Ann's. He came saw a fabric he liked and we all left empty handed. Never. EVER bring your husbands into Jo Ann's. They never have an opinion until they see something else. You've been warned. You're welcome.)

But the color trend for 2014 is peacock/jewel tone colors. 

berry spectrum
Which is cool. Could be fun. 

So what's your take? Is the grey/yellow thing on it's way out? Has it been done too much? Is the blue/teal option too boring? Does it need a splash of coral or something fun and bright? Should we combine our interests? Say something like this?
Yellow and grey with a splash of teal

or this:
color combo
I'm stuck. this is where you come in. Our marriage thanks you.



Jenca Rice said...

What about blues/teal/gray with the pop being a yellow? I love the jewel tones but might be too dark for the cabinets, etc. Or the blues with a pop off that jewel tones fuscia or deep purple? (I concur on husbands in JoAnn.....never a good idea!)
Good luck!!! Have fun!!

Shalise said...

I like that very last photo post with the tealish blues but a pop of yellow. It sort of gives a vintage look though but im kinda into that. Good luck-cant wait to see what happens when you get your decor hands on a clean palate.