I Spy Book

Have you seen the blog Delia Creates? A few summers ago she did an entire series about color. One item she herself did was an I Spy book for her boys. I really liked the idea and wanted to do the same thing. So I made a few pages. I'm going to post them here for you to print for FREE but please remember to only use the images I post for personal use. They can not be sold, or copied as your own work. Thanks. I made them all in 4x6 size and put them in one of those cheap-y photo holders you used to get for free when you printed film pictures. I think you can buy them for a $1 at a "Dollar Tree' type store. I plan on taking more photos in the future so if you have an idea for a theme, I'd love to hear it. One for every holiday would be a great place to pick this up. Happy searching. * UPDATE: I added more pages here!

So I'd like to add a few more pages to their book. What are some suggestions for a good theme? I'd like it to me things I have on hand. Ready, go!


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Mrs P said...

Thank you! I'm going to use your pages as stocking stuffers for my two toddlers. I know my son will especially love looking at the pictures (and my girl might understand the game).