Painting. Etsy Hack.

We needed a piece of artwork on a wall in our living room. It was an access hole for all the wires and the DVD box behind the mounted TV. I looked everywhere for a nice canvas in the size that I needed (16x24) Everything either looked too old, too outdated, coffee/wine related, in the wrong colors. Or horizontal. 

So I saw this on Pinterest. It sells on Etsy for ... wait for it... $269. So to be fair, this is very professional looking. And let's be honest it's beautiful. The background looks airbrushed, and based on what I can tell from the paints, they are expensive. But I didn't want to spend anywhere close to that. 

With that being said 
I saw a trick to hang a canvas on hinges to hide things like the thermostat for instance. 

So I thought I would take this same idea and do that for our access cubby. I headed to Michael's with coupons and an idea and ended up spending $12.74. The canvas was 50% off, the paints were three for a dollar (I just bought the cheap acrylic kind) and the brushes were $4.99 before the discount and coupons. So if you head there without them the cost might be a little more, but still manageable. But really just download the apps for Joann's and Michael's on your phone so you always have them. 

Well, here's how it turned out...
Not 100% perfect but for roughly 5% of the cost I can live with it!


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Tonya said...

I like it! I think it looks great. Good savings!