Preschool Prep Week 15: Valentine's Day


Great for fine motor skills, can make the holes and "thread" as thick or as thin as you want making it more or less complicated. For real needle and thread why bother punching holes, just draw black dots where the needle is supposed to go. For little hands punch holes with a hand held hole puncher. Use red yarn and wrap tape around one end, as an aglet, cutting raw edge off. source

We used to make these every year as kids. Take 2 Hershey kisses and put the flat ends together creating your rose bud. wrap a square piece of cellophane around the kisses and secure with floral tape. Stick Heavy duty craft wire into the bottom of the tape and continue wrapping floral tape all the way down the "stalk" You can add a few silk flowers along the way, but it's optional. 

We've done tube painting before but this would be fun to do to make cards for those that are special to us. source

Science: Teach your kids what foods are good for your heart. I wrote about it HERE in more detail but here's a good list: asparagus, chocolate, herring, oranges, papayas, sweet potatoes, walnuts, dried plums, oatmeal. 

What does your heart look like, why do we have one? source It's worth the time it takes to read through this article and find what information would be best to share. Do they know where there heart is located? 
Find their heart beat. Show the child how to feel the heart beating, and then measure how many times the heart beats in a given amount of time. 

Play a game using these phrases, and see if they know what it means:

  • have a heart - be merciful
  • change of heart - change your mind
  • to know something by heart - memorize something
  • broken heart - to lose love
  • heartfelt - deeply felt
  • have your heart in the right place - to be kind
  • cry your heart out - to grieve
  • heavy heart - sadness
  • have your heart set on - to want something badly

    Snack: There are a million fun snacks to have for Valentine's day but I thought these were especially fun. Cinnamon heart rolls source

    heart shaped cup cakes: source

    Love potion: 

    Equal parts Pink lemonade, raspberry sherbet, Sprite.It would be fun to serve in glasses like this too. 

    This activity can be done one of two ways, using a box of chocolates. 
    Method 1: make 2 copies of an image of a box of chocolates. With one copy cut the chocolates out ahead of time, and have the children match the shapes with the second copy.
    Method 2: take all the chocolates out of the box, and see if they can get all the chocolate back into the box like a puzzle. You might want to make a note of how it was originally packaged, if they want to have hints along the way.

    Field Trip: write or draw pictures for loved ones, and hand deliver some. This would be fun to do for neighbors, friends, or grandparents. 



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