Autumn/Thanksgiving Table Runner

GAAAAH! I'm gushing, excuse me. So another Pinterest adaptation. I do love it's inspiration. So a few weeks ago I pinned this pic. I'm sure many of you have seen it. source
Thanksgiving centerpiece
I showed it to my mom. She loved it as much as I did, and the ball started rolling. Love her for that. I knew we needed a special kind of drill bit, particularly one that looked like this:
It's called a wood boring tool and the size for a tea light is exactly 1.5 inches. Mom went to my grandparents house (they own about 2 years worth of a wood pile) and picked out a few pieces A shout out to my grandparents who will never read this blog. I think my grandfather would die if he knew I just gave a "shout out" to him. Ignore me. 
That's when we called in my dad. We marked out where on the wood we wanted the holes and he drilled. Thanks dad. Good thing he had a shop vac because after making three of these beaut's there was quite a mess. Then we filled with tea lights. I threw a cheapy garland of leaves around the log and tucked in some mini pumpkins and gourds from my mom's garden. And Voila! 

I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. Even with the lights on it's pretty. So easy. So cheap. Just use what you have around you. Love a good 30 min. large-impact project. A helpful tidbit: in the original photo it looks like she took the tea lights out of the metal casing. I'm not going to. These tea lights only burn for 3 hours and it's going to be much easier to lift out the medal pot and replace it then scraping out a bunch of un-burned wax. Besides when they're in their holes, you can hardly notice anyway. 

And because I'm the writer if this here blog and can do whatever I want with it... today is my sister's birthday! Happy birthday sister. You've been my longest friend. 



Abby Bowman said...

I hadn't seen this on Pinterest. Love it! And Happy Birthday Andrea! :)

Shalise said...

I hadn't seen yours-I still haven't put mine on the table decorations-you've inspired me to do it-it's beautiful.