WTKW Canning Salsa

Are you still wrecking your kitchens? This week could have been titled, "Wreck the House Wednesday" because that's what happens when you have a 3yo. and a 1yo running around the house while you're busy canning. It was fine though, I wasn't being bothered, and they were happy. This was the first time I've ever canned by myself, so it took a little longer than I expected, but hot water baths are the easiest to do. Let's begin.

I'm extatic that this year I actually got my tomatoes to grow and that I actually did something with them once they were picked. *small victories* anywho... rinse your tomatoes, and throw them in a large pot of boiling water.

 After they've 'soaked' for a 5-10 minutes throw them into an ice water bath. This is to help peel the skin.

 Make sure when you're removing the skin, you only get the skin, otherwise you'll lose valuable fruit with the skin. If this happens, just boil the tomatoes longer.
 Meanwhile throw the ingredients you'll need to make it salsa in the food processor. I used HER RECIPE
 then transfer to a bowl
 Once the tomatoes have been peeled and cored, I threw those into the processor too.

I seriously dislike chunky salsa so I blended the heck out of these suckers. 

 Remember that huge pot you used earlier? Dump the water, and add the pureed tomatoes back into it, with the salsa greens
Let it simmer for a while getting nice and thick. 
 Meanwhile I washed all of my jars to sterilize them, but I then threw them into the boiling water to get them nice and hot. For more directions on hot water bath canning you can go HERE
Fill the jars 1/4 inch from the top and place in the hot water bath. Mom says you need to have a full batch to keep the heating even. I only needed to make 10 jars so in the second batch I just filled unused jars with water and sealed them closed. After the 20 minute bath I just dumped the water in the extra jars. 

Then let them cool in a place where they won't be bothered, making sure to include space between each jar.  Now sit back and listen to that fulfilling pop of the lid. POP!


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