Road Trip!

Last week the fam had the opportunity to do some traveling to Myrtle Beach. It was a 10 hour drive each way for us, so I wanted to be ready with two little ones traveling that long in the car. I want to share with you a few things that made it go a lot smoother. 

I've been seeing these pages all over Pinterest, and thank goodness they've been popping up before we took our trip. I had Mr. B and my MIL print these pages for me.  
(We always play the license plate game and we saw 40 states!)
Her pages are so colorful, and wonderful. TO PRINT PAGES GO HERE

I then went to Google Maps and input our destination route. This was the cover for the binder. The girls would ask where we were and I could just hold up the binder and point to where we were on our trip. 
South Carolina

THIS IS A LINK to print off a 50 question game for you and your spouse to play. 
Mr. B and I had fun talking about what we would put for our answers and we made a game out of it by guessing what we thought the other would answer. We have been married for 8 years and it was quite amusing to see the number of questions we answered exactly and the ones we were way off. Plus there were some fun questions that we KNEW were the right answers and we could finally fess up and tell the other the actual truth. (My favorite candy is Junior Mints or Reeces Pieces NOT chewy sprees ;)
HERE IS ANOTHER SITE that offers TONS of free printables.
printable map of usa
 The link I included is a map of the U.S. and he has quite a few different versions. While on the road after we would find a license plate I would have the girls color the state in on their maps. That way it would give them something to do and make them more geographic savvy. We used the color version to put our initials in the states we had been to. Mr. B has, by far, been to the most. 
I also purchased a few "preschool workbooks" from JoAnn's and a coloring book from our local grocery store to include in their road trip binders. I put every single sheet in a plastic sheet protector and then bought a pack of washable dry-erase markers so they could color on the pages, erase and do it all over again. 
One of the preschool workbooks I purchased had a tracing section.
There were paths/roads/rivers and the child is supposed to trace the path. It was so nice having a dry-erase version because if she went out of the line she wanted to try it again. So she would erase what she drew and start over. Zero frustration. 

The binder all together cost me about $15. She spent a good 3 hours working on it and it was the best thing about being on the road. I highly recommend going to these sites and getting your free printables. The week was amazing. It was sunny and hot and beautiful. Everything you'd want in a beach vacation. Being on the road with this binder added to the trip instead of taking away from it. 

And the best news? We had such a great time that we are all going back again next year! I already can't wait. 


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