Granny Square Tutorial

A friend of mine wants to make a baby blanket for the little girl she will soon welcome into her family. She asked if I would write up a tutorial on making a granny square. I learned how to make these back when I was a teenager, by my good friend Sarah. To this day it continues to be the only crochet pattern I have memorized. *Ms. C I know you have amazing crochet skills, so I didn't do "beginner" instructions. I hope it's detailed enough. Let me know if you get stuck or have any more questions. 
So here we go... 
cast on using a slip knot. 

The first chain will become your center hole, and the next three chains are your "cheater" first double crochet. You'll see in a minute. 


That should say slip knot*


 That's the whole pattern. Do you see how each side has 2 shells? In between each shell on a side you'll notice a hole (there's one at the top center, right center, left center and bottom center. In each hole you'll make a sc, 3 dc, and a sc, then follow you're pattern for a corner 3 dc, ch 3, and 3 dc. So for layer 3 here is your pattern...
Layer 3: Top hole: ch3, 2 dc, sc. (Now a corner) shell, ch 3 shell. (left hole) sc, shell sc. (bottom left corner) shell, ch 3 shell. (bottom hole) sc, shell, sc, (bottom right corner) shell, ch 3, shell. (right hole) sc, shell, sc (top right corner) shell, ch 3 shell and attach to your first shell with a slip knot.
*So in each hole you'll make a sc, shell, sc, unless it's a corner then you'll make shell ch 3 shell. The hardest part is getting started. And like I said it comes together faster then you'll know it.
*Here's a little tidbit, you should be working counter clockwise if you're right handed and clockwise if you're left.
* to change colors-in baby blankets-I don't trust simply twisting in a new color, I actually triple knot the new color to the old one. I'm kind of an over-doer with it comes to those things because I would never want it to unravel and the baby have a long string it it's bed. Then with the new color connected, just continue with your pattern.
*Granny blankets have holes in them, even when finished. It is not recommended that a baby with button on their outfit use a granny square style blanket as it could become a choking hazard. (Not to mention that buttons in and of themselves are choking hazards, but that's another story.)
*In the tutorial I used cotton thread. It works just great with wool. In fact if you want to make emergency blankets for your family using this pattern, wool is known for staying warm even when wet. It does get heavy tho!

Here's a granny square baby blanket I made forever ago using a patchwork pattern. I changed colors on the border to resemble flowers. If you make multiple squares instead of one giant square, just whip stitch the squares together.

Best of hope Ms. C. I know you can do it, and if all else fails, just buy the yarn and I'll make it ;) 


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