Preschool Prep Week 6: Gardening

A few weeks ago we took a look at farming. This week, we're looking at growing food in a much smaller scale: the garden.
I love to garden. My girls are starting to really get into gardening. My poor neighbors are probably wondering why I'm being such a creeper by always looking at their garden over our mutual fence. I just can't help myself. (I wish I felt the same about indoor chores as I did about outdoor chores.) Any who... here's what we'll be up to this week.
Craft Activity: Veggi Stamping!
Potato stamping:

celery stamping: 

Source , 
and okra stamping:
Math/Science: pour out seeds from my stash and line them up in size. Glue in order of size to a piece of paper.
Food Activity: making flowers out of garden vegetables.

Field trip: Franklin park conservatory outdoor vegetable gardens. If you don't live locally, consider going to a community garden, and looking at all the varieties of gardens people plant. Another option is going to an organic grocery store. Take a look at all of the produce and let the child choose one to take home and try.

*UPDATE: Here's how our veggie printing turned out: 

I let her print to her heart's desire and then I made her a library bag from the material. Here's a tidbit if you choose to do this activity. Use fabric paint. The green wasn't, which is why it soaked through the material. Although, it does give it kind of a watercolor effect. Also cut the celery stalk about half way up. I did it closer to the base, and the stalks were just too close together. The leaf was created using a potato stamp. 


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