Preschool Prep Week 5: American History

Were you expecting a different theme the week of the 4th? This is by far my favorite holiday of the year! What can be more fun than sun rise to sun set celebration?
Our Family's 4th includes: parade watching, bbq eating, cake decorating, family games, tri-layer jello, fireworks and more.
To help reinforce the significance of the reason for the holiday, we'll be diving into American History week.
Activity: Make a quilt. I'm going to cut out squares of fabric and let her glue them onto a large piece of fabric using fabric glue. 

Math/Science Activity: 
watch this video about the cotton gin and then talk about all of the uses for cotton. Blankets, cotton swabs (medcinal, health and beauty, crafts) fabric, decorations etc. Make a collage of pictures that use cotton. 

Food Activity: Make Rock Candy 

Field Trip: 
Cheating here-fireworks but the Ohio Historical Center would be a great alternative if you do this activity during a different week.
Snack for the trip: 
pop corn balls
movie: How a bill becomes a law by School House Rock


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