Preschool Prep Week 9: Olympics!

Everyone will remember where they were when Michael Phelps touched the wall to win his 8th gold medal. Mr. B and I were screaming our heads off "GO GO GO GO GO AHHHHHHHHHH" and jumping up and down in our living room.What's not to love about friendly competition and the thought of the entire world coming together for an idea of unity?
 London Olympics 2012 logo.svg
Activity: Painting the Olympic rings with toilet paper rolls. I might do this on white t-shirts if it's in the budget. 

I plan on just using the colors that represent the Olympics: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Black. The toilet paper roll did get mushy after a while so I just had extras on hand so we could continue. idea source

Math: Create the United States flag and count the stars and stripes. Learn why our flag has those symbols and colors.

Food Activity: Tea Party 

What better way to celebrate London?
Movie: Okay you all know how much I love to cheat bend the rules. We will just be watching the Olympics on TV.

Field Trip: I thought about taking the girls to watch a real swimming competition at a pool near by. 



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