Wrapping Up the Week

Science experiment: Success! It was so fun setting this up during nap time and seeing the look on my girls' faces. We used regular ol' food coloring. It washed out of their clothes perfectly, and off of their hands perfectly. Yep even that chubby green one you see below. Little Madame kept exclaiming yellow! Green! as she dropped the vinegar onto the baking soda. I just covered the table in one of those cheap plastic table cloths (one cut in half) and threw it on a card table. 

 Marble painting: success!
I don't own any marblers, so the cheap fugal person that I am I just used some old beads I had around. They worked just fine. I bet bouncy balls or really any other small non-absorbent ball would have worked equally as well. We put the paint on the paper a few different ways. She was a little hesitant to really give the pan a good shake, so I had to help her a little. I bought the paint from JoAnn's for a buck. Money well spent. Don't use regular paper for this, the paint will go right through it. I used a paper that had about the weight of wrapping paper.  

Our fine motor skill activity was sorting fruit loops. 
We (clearly) had the play dough on hand, so I didn't have to buy anything there. The kabob sticks were $1.50 for like a million  250ish. I placed the first fruit loop on and let her finish the rest. It was fun, and we ate a few a long the way. It took a lot of concentrating for her to put the center of the loop just right on the skewer. She was able to handle it with some ease after getting the hang of it. We had fun exploring color this week, now onto the next!


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