Wrapping Up the Week: my tidbits

How did Insect week go for everyone? We had so much fun!
A few things I've learned this week:

  • read outside when ever possible. You'll get many more opportunities to see insects in their natural habitat than just telling your child about it inside. 
  • We cut our lavender together, and while doing so 2 bumblebee's joined in the fun. I was able to show and explain how bee's collect nectar and bring it back to the hive. One bee even landed on the bunch of flowers my daughter was holding. I held her hand and instructed her to keep very still. She did. Instead of being afraid we just watched with keen observation  I was able to teach her about insect safety, and I think in the future she will be able to remember those safety tips instead of being just plain scared. 
  • Prep as many things for the craft as you can. I also discovered I'm going to need to buy lefty scissors for my girl. Good to know early in the game.
  • Letter writing was a little uninteresting to her. I plan on backing this activity up a bit with identifying letter before we start writing them. Too soon I guess. 
  • I read an activity in the Montessori book I'm reading that you get a small box, maybe a shoe box size and put 3-4 objects inside. Tell the child with emphasis which object you would like them to retrieve. Can you hand me the brown horse? Good. Replace it to the box in a different spot. Can you hand me the yellow ball? Good. Replace it to the box, can you hand me the letter "A"? Because the child already knows what the other objects in the box are identifying the letter becomes easy. Repeat the activity a few more times with different objects and letters. 
Happy Learning!


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