Water Week Wrap Up

 Activity: Water Freeze 
 I went through the house and picked out every little plastic toy we owned to stick into this block of ice. I filled this shallow tub we own and juuuuust barely got it into the deep freezer. I let it freeze for a good 12 hours, and took it out while some friends were over for a visit. The bummer? Only the shell of the block had frozen. One smash and this thing was pretty much done. Not quite the hour of entertainment I had been hoping for. Freeze for longer than 12 hours. Do it for like 12 days. Noted.

 Field Trip: Scioto Mile
I can't say enough about this place. I love it. It's free. We've gone like 6 times already this summer. My pictures don't really do it justice. I wasn't really willing to risk getting my cannon soaked. I took just these pics and got out of there before the jets really shot up.

Science Experiment
So here's my problem with sprinklers... I am scared my kids are going to catch their feet on the rotating bar every time they jump through the center. They love it. I hold my breath. 
That's why I was so excited to find these PVC pipe sprinklers. I employed the hubs to take his drill and put the holes in using a 1/16 drill bit while I held the pipes. We made sure they were pointing different directions, and then everyone helped hook the parts together. *By the way a hack saw worked just fine cutting the 10' pipes to size.

 They ran through again and again. It was great and! no broken ankles. Happy kids, happy mom. We got some scrap pieces of pipe for free. Score. The joints plus the hose connector were like $7. Money well spent. Mr. B asked if we were going to use joint compound. Nope. This project is easy and can be disassembled for storage. It works just fine without glue. He did warn me though, not to drill too many holes so the water pressure would work for the whole contraption, so don't go all Rambo on the pipes. 

I'm going to miss water week. But my books are ready to be picked up from the library for next week. Gotta Run!

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