Preschool Prep Week 4: Farm Animals

 Cut out pictures of sheep on black paper and have the child glue cotton balls on the sheep.

Bowls of cornstarch, cornmeal, corn kernels and popcorn are put out. Transparent plastic cups and some spoons are also put out. Pieces of paper with circles in four columns and some crayons. The children count how many spoonfuls it takes to fill the cups with the different types of corn. They can color in a circle each time they pour a spoonful of something into the cups. They have then made their own graphs. source

Measuring horses by hands Did you know horses are measured in "hand" units? Okay maybe you did, I had no idea. my mother and I were discussing possible counting activities and she informed me of this. At auctions, races, state farm competitions etc. horses are announced by hands to indicate how tall/large they are. This is a 14 hand horse, a 15 hand horse. Essentially it's how many hands it would take from the ground up the measure the height of the animal. Draw pictures of horses-in chalk perhaps and have the child measure how many hands the animal is. HERE IS A HANDY CHART showing actual units of measurement.

 Barn doors for Farmer Brown Explain to the child that the farmer is building a bard for every new animal on his farm. He wants to make sure the door is big enough. with chalk outside tell the child it has to be so many feet tall to fit the animals's size. Give the child a 12 inch ruler explaining that 12 inches is called a foot. How many feet tall does the door need to be to fit the animal? Here are some average measurements...
cat: 9 inches so the door would need to be 1 foot tall
dog: 24 inches (I used a large sized dog, like the one you'd find on a farm) so the door needs to be 2 feet tall
pig: 20 inches
duck: 23 inches
sheep: 30 inches
cow: 57 inches
horse: 79 inches
(great idea mom!)

 Animal crackers washing in mud (Chocolate pudding)

Clap the syllables to common words on the farm. Roo-ster (2 claps), you can use animals, people or crops they would grow.

B-I-N-G-O. There was a farmer who had a dog and Bingo was his name-o. Each time you sing the song you emit one letter with a silent rest.



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