Preschool Prep Week 3: Water

How is the prep going for everyone? Are you ready for week 3? Let's begin!

For our fun activity/craft:
Ice carving: Source
We have several small hammers, so I plan on just letting the girls go at it. I've also heard the activity goes a little faster if you give them a bowl of salt to help melt the ice. 

Science/Math: Build a Water Drive-through source

I want to experiment with her what shapes she think should go where. How long should the pieces be, and how they connect to form a flow of the water. 

Food experiment:
(Remember my super talented friend Tracie? She gives me so many great ideas. This one is her's). 
Get several different types of waters and taste test them. Ex: distilled, tap, sparkling, reverse osmosis, bottled Use descriptive words to say how each tasted. 

Movie: This isn't the best movie in the world, but on Netflix they have a movie called Eebee's Adventures: Water Play 
If I find a better movie before Thursday I'm switching it. I want the movie to be more about water than weather/bodies of water, because I'll be doing those units later in the summer. Any suggestions?

Field Trip: Scioto Mile
We have an amazing splash park about 30 minutes from where we live, and it's FREE. Love this place. My kids can spend hours here, and they have varying levels of water jets. Little babies can sit on one end where they only reach about 8 inches high, and on the other end they can shoot up to as tall as 5 feet. It's perfect. 

Snack for Field Trip: Watermelon, what else?
Are you prepping your preschooler with water week? What activities are you planning?

Books: There are not a lot of watch the water flow books, and why should there be? I decided to give a whole schmorgous (sp?) board of where we see water in our lives. Here's the round up:


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You may want to also try what objects float or sink in water.