Insect Unit: Ladybug Math

I never really found any good printable for the ladybug math I want to do with my daughter tomorrow. So I made my own. It's simple and basic. If you'd like your own copy please feel free to print. I've included a B&W and color version, depending on what you prefer.

I plan on inserting the page that I print into a regular sheet protector and using a dry erase marker to change the number I want her to practice. If you want write the number next to the lady bug and draw in the dots. Another option is to write the number on the left and draw the corresponding dots on the right. For beginning counters, you could draw the dots yourself on the left, and have them copy the same number of dots on the right. Happy counting. 



sree said...

Nice post.Ladder method http://youtu.be/BDe_LeAuYRo The Ladder method is a method of factoring in which we can factorise two or more number simulteniously to calculate LCM of those numbers.

tidbits said...

@sree Thank you. I watched your video, and it was very informative. I'll keep that in mind when we study more complex math skill sets.

Shalise said...

Just saw your units-how fun! My little guy and I went to an amazing soil activity at Inniswood gardens today-in case anyone is interested they are doing a program next Tuesday & Wednesday. It was very informative and fun for all ages-my favorite free summer program so far!