Patio Party

Mr. B and I decided we needed a little something in the backyard for the family to enjoy. After discussing the options (deck, patio, cement slab) we decided to go with the patio. 
Step 1. Mark the dimensions. Remember to add space on each side for the room in between each block. 
 We measured our area with stakes and string. Leveled them with a line level and spray painted directly over the string. 
Then we cut, and dug, dug and cut. 

 And dug some more.
 And some more.
 Once the space finally had all of the sod and dirt removed, we filled it with sand.
 We had to add the retaining wall early, so the sand would stay in place.

 Once the sand was in, we started laying pavers. This was my job. Every day at nap time I went outside, and paver by paver, leveled and laid each 16x16" block. My those blocks are heavy. Is it a little weird that I'm slightly disappointed the project is over, because now I have to start doing real workouts for my arms? Maybe. A little.
 And it's spring, so what's an outside project without a few rain delays?
 And we laid more pavers.
 And some more.
 Finished (and glued) the retaining wall.
 Add the cap stones. We also sealed the space between each paver with paver locking sand that turns into concrete when you water it. Don't skip this step, it's so much sturdier.
 After 2 and a half weeks, and HOURS spent on this beast, we're done. I will never put in another paver patio again. Now it's time to pull out the drinks and little umbrella's. Ahhh.
For those who are thinking of doing this same project for their homes, here are my tidbits...
1. Hire a professional to pour a cement slab and be done in 3 days. 
Ok I'm kidding. Sort of. 
1. Watch these video first. You'll have a much better idea of what you're doing before you get started. 
2. Talk to an 'expert' at your local home improvement store, or talk to someone who's installed their own patio. They can tell you helpful tips for your own area. Plus might tell you things to avoid. 
3. Make sure before you do any digging to have your wire marked in your lawn.
4. leave about a 1/4" between each paver for the locking sand
Our patio is about 15x17 feet and cost almost exactly $1000. We called around to see what other companies charged, and were quoted about $4000. 
5. Don't get frustrated, you will be tired, and sore! But keep the end in sight. It's so worth it. 


Abby said...

it looks so great! can't wait to come over and break it in! :)

Shalise said...

That looks amazing!