Eat Your Heart Out

In honor of Valentine's Day being around the corner, I thought it would be fun to share some tidbits about the heart.

Top Contender's 
1. Asparagus: it's high in saponin-a phytochemical that washes away fatty compounds from the body. It also contains anti-inflammatory nutrients like folate and vitamins C and D
2.Chocolate: eating about 6 ounces of the dark stuff a day significantly inhibits atherosclerosis, lowers bad cholesterol, and triglycerides. It also raises high-density lipoproteins, and protects bad cholesterol from oxidation. PLUS cocoa contains phenol's-an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory compound that reduces the risk of heart disease by keeping fat-like substances from oxidizing in the blood stream and clogging arteries.
3. Herring: harbors some of the highest levels of omega-3's (fatty acids that decrease triglycerides and the growth rate of plaque. Fresh Herring is best. One three ounce serving has two grams of omega-3's.

Also on the list:
4. Oranges
5. Papayas
6. Sweet Potatoes
7. Walnuts
8. Dried Plums
9. Oatmeal


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