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No I don't drive a 2012 Nissan Quest but if you want to go ahead and think so, I won't stop you.

As you know Mr. B was waiting for the radiator to come in. It did, so after $97 and 4 hours of labor, it was in. He took it for a drive and nothing. Nothing?? Still overheating. So we did what we'd be trying to avoid from day 1. We took it to a mechanic. 
$49.99 for a diagnostic test. Awesome. 
Now I'm not doubting Mr. B's mad skills when it comes to fixing our cars. He's easily saved us thousands over the years. But there are some problems these days that you can't fix unless you have $500, 000 worth of equipment. 
The test showed an air pocket in the lines! Plus it was 2 gallons low of antifreeze.
The good news is: he put in all the parts correctly.  
The car is back after $63 to the mechanic. Total out of pocket for us was about $240. According to him you also have to sacrifice a little blood to the car gods before you car will work again :)
Not bad considering another shop quoted us an easy $670 just to fix one of the parts Mr.B changed. 
He knows his stuff and I love him for it. Now I have my van and my husband back. 
I also want to give a HUGE thank you to my FIL for teaching Mr. B just about everything he knows, helping us research what was wrong, and last but not least spending just as much time working on our car that Mr. B did.
Today's to do list: anything that gets us out of the house! 

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