Rockin' Valentine's Day Skirt

Not sure what to do with some scrap fabric you have laying around? I wasn't. I usually open my storage closet and just stare trying to get inspired. There are tons of tutorials out there, so here's to one more. 

Step 1: Cut the fabric of your choice into 1-2" strips. Don't measure, just eye-ball it. Trust. Eye the length too. I think I measured the first one to 11" to ensure I had around the right length, and then I just cut the others to a similar length. It's better not to be exact in this project.

Step 2: Then serge or zig-zag stitch around the the sides and bottom, leaving the top in raw edges. 
Step 3: Lay out your strips in the pattern you want. You'll need double the length of the waist you're fitting. My daughter wears a 12-18 month dress so I needed 15 strips. 
Step 4: Remember those top edges you left raw? Fold them down twice making a casing. 
Step 5: Oops forgot to take a picture. But sew as close as you can to the bottom fold. This is to create a tube for the elastic to go through.

Step 6: With a safety pin attached to your elastic, simply thread the elastic strips through the fabric strip casing. 

Step 7: secure the elastic by sewing it together. 2-3 times will be fine, so I do it about 6 times.

I made this for our babes so I wanted it to be a little extra poofy. I added a few strips of sparkly mesh in between each fabric strip, but it's an extra step that you might want to skip if it's made for an older child. 

Ta Da! Can't wait to celebrate.



Tonya said...

I got a serger last year and I am completely intimidated by it...maybe I can call you when I try again!??! Great job, Liz.

tidbits said...

You can do it tonya. If there's ever a step you're stuck on let me know and hopefully I can walk you through it. YouTube also has great video tutorials that can match your specific machine. Don't be intimidated. You're so talented!