Once Upon A Time on ABC

Is this show amazing or what? If you're not watching it you should!
Don't tell me what happened yesterday. I watch in Monday nights on Hulu. OOh I can't wait. It seemed like it took forever for a new episode.

Don't you just love their rivalry? *side note I love "Emma's" hair. It's kind of perfect.
And I kind of love his character too. 
He's so creepy and sneaky, but I get the feeling he's against the queen too.

Can't wait for tonight.


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Anonymous said...

I love the show too, Liz! Have you seen who's on next week? Hansel and Gretel. Awesome. Notice how there are several rooms in Storyville (the mayor's office, the diner) that have "forest" wallpaper and decor. They were all sent there from the Enchanted Forest. Mary Margaret is my favorite character.
Michele Franklin