Extreme Couponing

I thought it would be fun to have another little mini series on Fridays about coupon savings. I've never been into couponing. I always thought it was all the over-processed-no-good-for-you foods that had coupons. Be patient with me, I'm learning. I've spent this week educating myself about the whole coupon process, so I thought I'd give the smart tidbits I find here for all of you. If you know any good tips do share! Let's get the discussion going. Here's a few tidbits to start.
The best way to use coupons is obviously to get something for nothing. Cheap is nice but FREE is well-free. So how does it work? Here's an example. Let's say you have a coupon for $0.50 cents off any Suave hair care product. This week at Kroger *this is just an example* the Suave shampoo and conditioner is 10 for $10. Kroger doubles any coupon under $0.99 (as do Meijer and Giant Eagle for those that are local) so your coupon is now worth $1. The shampoo is $1 with the sale, voi'la, it's free!
A web site worth checking into is http://www.sweetfreestuff.com/ or this one: http://www.ilovefreethings.com/ They find the free stuff for you, and you just plug in your info and it gets sent to you. Easy.
So now you might be asking yourself is there a catch? The answer is yes, sometimes there is. Be sure to look at the privacy policy stated on the web sites your entering your information to. Old spice for example specifically mentions that your information will not be sold or used for any other purpose than to send your free sample with out your direct consent. If you don't see the privacy statement, you can probably count on a lot of spam e-mails. Not a huge deal, but a hassle.
Buy 1 Get 1 coupons are a steal too. Be sure to compare prices. I pulled up all three grocery store weekly ads in three windows and simply clicked back and forth to find which stores had the cheapest prices. I have a BIC Razor coupon that is good for B1G1 free this week. Meijer has the razors on sale for $4.99 while Giant Eagle offers them at $3.99. Identical razors. So not only am I saving on the razor that I am purchasing, I'm also getting one for free. I'm loving this.
Here are a few sites to get you started with downloading free coupons to print and clip yourself.

Let's start saving. 

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