DIY Painted Mat Board

Mr B. brought me home a free frame from work. It was perfect for a project I've been wanting to do for the girls room. There was only one problem. Black Mat. No go. So I went all BoB Ross on the mat and, well, you'll see how it turned out.
Save your FROG Tape for the important projects. Just use the blue stuff. I used the button monogram paper as inspiration. The pattern on the paper wasn't exact, so I didn't want my stripes to be either.

The yellow was left over paint from the accent wall in the girl's room. The green-left overs from an Anne's Garden project. Would you believe me if I told you I had three bottles of acrylic paint on hand and they were red, purple and white. I needed a pinkish purple, so I made my own. Score. And yes, I know new paint would have been like a buck(+ a trip to the store), but hey, free is free.

Much better then black. So much more personal and I love a good repeating color theme.
*Note if you did remove your tape before the board was fully dry, do let it dry. Putting a wet board in a frame will stick your project to the glass. *cough* yeah I've done that *cough*.

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Panoramic View said...

Nice idea. Like the way you thought of flipping it over and using the mat, not just the "face value", but looking at every angle. What is Frog tape?

tidbits said...

Thanks! It's expensive painters tape that won't bleed the paint underneath, so you get a really crisp line.

Anonymous said...

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