Beginning to Write

My mom gave me this idea to use with my (soon to be) 3 year old. What you do is trace a letter using heavy thick black lines. I made mine about an inch wide. Then have your child practice tracing the letter while staying inside the outline.
See how her pen goe onto the black here? But when she lifts the pen you don't see it. It's hidden under the thick black marker outline. Thus giving the child the confidence that they can stay inside the lines.

As the child becomes more profficient at staying inside the lines provided, gradually make new letters with the black outline thinner and thinner. So Next time I may only make the black lines a half inch think, then a quarter and so forth. We had some great fun learning our letters today.
Here's a great blog with TONS of ideas to help children learn letters. Some are too advanced for a beginner, but it's still a great source. 

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