Little Lady's 1st Birthday

Our little Lady eats everything in sight. Naturally this lead us to this theme: The Very Hungry Caterpillar. 
Balloon wreath. Tutorial to come. I tried about every method I could find on the web, and finally had to come up with my own. Sooo much easier then what I found. That's Mr. B for inflating the balloons!

(name intentionally blurred) Here are her pictures by each month. 
I love a good streamer canopy. For Little Madame's birthday I used the regular tape made into loops, for Little Lady's I used double sided tape. Thought I was so clever... until I had to con.tin.u.ally reattach them. Don't use double sided tape. Got it. 

Birthday candles representing "1" Made with vegan cupcakes-yep she's allergic to milk and possible eggs too. Made it with 1 cake mix and 1 can of pumpkin. That's it. Topped with marshmallow fluff. Did you know marshmallow fluff comes out all nice and stiff when piped and then melts all over the place?? Neither did I. Note taken. It was like white lava on top of the the cupcakes. 

The giant caterpillar.
Party favors. 
Fruit the caterpillar eats in the book. 
Our Little Lady. She's always happy always smiling. She had to get 6 shots the day of her birthday and after the initial pricks-she was fine. Happy and laughing. Nasty cold and all this girl's always in a good mood. 
(White lava icing that never stopped melting)
so how did she like the cake? She didn't. she just played for a while and then went back the pears. That's my girl. 

well at least the gifts were a hit,

Happy Birthday!!
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