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Mr. B had the blessing of being home for 10 days for a Christmas vacation. Day 2: our van broke down. Now, at first your thinking drat! BUT if there were ever a time to be down a car, much less the family van, it's while your hubby can be home with his car. Van 1, Family 1. Score is tied. Mr. B is very handy (thanks to Grandpa B) and went to work on the thing. I knew it was bad because the temp. gauge in the car read above Hot, so he took a look at it. I know enough about cars to figure it was probably the water pump or the radiator.
We tried the cheap fixes first.

New themostat: $12, 3 hours of work. Van 2, Family 1.
That wasn't it.

New Coolant lines in the rear: $45, 2 hours of work. Van 3, Family 1.
That wasn't it.

Looks like it's the radiator.
$97 and TEN DAYS for part to arrive!!! Wha??
Mr. B won't get the radiator until next Wednesday. So I'm home bound.
Van 4, Family 0 (for those still keeping score).

So with a house all clean... and Christmas decor up and away, what's a girl to do? Get my craft on? Mmmkay, twist my arm.

Finally finished the Family Christmas quilt.

Made some monogram letters for the girls room.

Changed the canvases to pretty pictures I had taken forever ago.

And I've now cleaned all of the carpets in the entire house. Plus the couch, rocking chair, otoman, computer chair, and car seats. My room is completely empty of all essentials and I love it. Yes the alpaca rug is an essential. Not one for you? Clearly you don't own one.

We plan on painting in the near future so for now I'll take in the cleanliness.

p.s. for Christmas I got a SERGER!!! You'll be with me every step of the way won't you?? Now go get your craft on. 

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