Things that make me laugh on Pinterest

I see these pins all the time that make me laugh, are thought provoking, and silly. Whatever have you. I thought it would be fun to post some pins that I've noticed lately and tell you what I would really comment underneath. Here's for some brutal honesty. Ready?

um no

The woman who posted this said it contained glitter and confetti. She sprinkles it on the heads of her children and even herself if it's an important day. Maybe it's the day of an exam etc. My thoughts: who wants multicolored dandruff. And YOU SPRINKLE THEM ON YOURSELF?? No thanks, I'm 27.
Maybe I'll get serious someday... 44 essential digital camera tips and tricks

Caption reads" 44 essential tips for using your camera" My thought? Really? 44. Are you sure those are the most essential? Why not make it a cool 50. Good grief. Essential to me means like 5 to 10.
It's funny because it's true....

I think these posters are so funny.

How to - mini cakes
At first you're thinking, "now that's clever" and then you realize it's about 1/2" taller than a cupcake. Not worth the time. Thank you. 

Follow the Yellow Brick Road, Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow the Yellow Brick Road. Looks cool, but I bet it's kind of annoying at the same time. 

mmmmmkay what? This chick gives a whole new meaning to Rapunzel. Who thought this was a good idea? Certainly not the model. She couldn't look more thrilled. And last but not least...
Wedding aisle idea.
How cool is this. And then you realize just how many roses it would take to make a path like this. Holy Cow!
Happy pinning :)


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