The girls, mom, and I went apple picking last Friday, which means... time for some applesauce! 
We used Golden Delicious because they are sweet enough on their own to not add sugar. Guess which one the girl picked for herself? Independent? I think so. Love it. 

So here are you steps: 
Ingredients: Apples-yep that's it. 

You'll need a deep pot for the hot water bath, with a wire basket to hold the jars. Hot water needs to completely surround the jar, so simply placing them inside is no good. You'll also want to boil the lids and screw tops. You will also need a large sauce pot to steam the apples. Of course you'll need jars-be sure to clean and sterilize them beforehand. My dishwasher has a "glass" function, so I just used that. Each jar will need a lid and a screw top. Tongs will be needed to lift hot jars out of the bath when complete. Cooling rack, extra bowls and utensils, and towels. It's going to be sloppy. 

Rinse the fruit. We used 1 part vinegar, 1 part water as a fruit bath before rinsing them to get rid of any pesticides that might still be on the fruit. Then you rinse them in fresh water for a few minutes. 

Next, slice and dice. We tried using an apple slicer that takes the cores out and cuts them into those moon-shapes, but they weren't cooking fast enough. So we cut each slice into thirds to move the process along. 

Then you steam them. You'll want to keep the lid on the pot and let them cook awhile, around 20 minutes or so, stirring occasionally. You'll know when they are ready because when you give them a stir they pretty much turn to mush on their own.

Next, run them through a stainer. My mom has always used a Victoriastrainer. If you're lucky to have one of those, you won't need to core or slice your apples. I bought this metal guy for around $25. It worked just fine, just needed to add the extra steps of slicing and dicing. 

Under the metal strainer comes out the most perfect applesauce you've ever tasted. EVER. Okay I might be exaggerating, but it is really good. The peels by the way stay in the strainer that you'll have to scoop out later.

n HOT glass jars, add the HOT applesauce. Wipe the mouth of the jar removing any apple residue. The lid needs a clean surface all the way around the adhere properly. Place a HOT lid and screw cap on each jar and set into the hot water bath. Applesauce only takes 10 minutes. Make sure the hot water bath is at a rolling boil before placing your jars inside. If it's not, it's not hot enough. The water will also need to completely cover the jars, so make sure it's full! Then carefully place the jars onto a cooling rack (air needs to flow completely around the jars just like the water, or it won't seal properly). When you hear the "POP" the jar sealed and it's good to store for up to a year. 

Give the jars a good 12 hours to seal. You can check them in the morning. If they didn't just place the jar in your refrigerator and eat within two weeks-if it lasts that long.

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