Ruffled Skirt Tutorial

What you'll need:
Stretchy material for the waistband. For a 2T I needed 5x48". Jersey Knit is a great material for this.
Material for ruffles. Each piece that I cut was 3x32"
Material for lining cut mine using a 7x24" piece. After I was finished I wish I would have cut more of a rhombus shape. S cut the top the same length (in my case 24" and the bottom a few inches wider (maybe 28" or so).
This is a great project to use up scraps.


Fold the material in half lengthwise and sew the edges together.

Then fold in down and in half again. This will give the same look as the goucho pants, but little girls won't have to worry about it unfolding as they wear it.

Sew the final edge together to make a band.

For the skirt:
Cut several strips for the actual ruffles and one large piece for the lining.

Sew a straight stitch across the entire top, about a half inch from the edge.

Pulling only the top stitch will create your ruffle. I needed mine to be 24" long. A helpful tip is to pull the thread until the fabric measures the desired length and then just slide the fabric down to make the ruffles even looking.

Simply pin the ruffle in place on the lining and sew right on top of the simple stitch you made earlier.

Start from the bottom of the lining and work your way up. You can pin them all at the same time and just fold each layer back too. Whatever is easiest for you.

Repeat this until your lining is full. (This picture shows 7 layers but after holding it up to little Madame I found that 5 was more than enough, so I just cut the bottom 2 off.)

Matching right sides together (ruffles on the inside) sew the sides together. Trim the excess.

Now insert the waistband so that the middle seam is not touching the ruffles.You want it facing the inside of the band. And sew around attaching it to the lining.

Now your little Madame has a lovely new skirt. If you had any of the materials on hand this project would easily cost a few dollars. A far cry from the $16 one I was admiring at Target. Kinda glad they only had black skirts. I needed a brown one!

*I didn't finish the edges because I wanted a raw look, but if that's not your thing you could just hem each layer before you ruffled it.

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