It's Not Over Yet!

Most schools are back in session now. This time of year always makes me think about going back to school. I loved the start of school, with the fresh sparkling white tennis shoes, the backpack full of supplies that were untouched for a full month, fully organized.
It also reminds me that summer has come to a close. This weekend is Labor day and most pools close, only to open on Memorial Day next May. I love to swim. If I had a only myself to care about I would stay at a pool all day every day. Even though we didn't spend every waking minute at the pool this summer (although we did spend quite a bit of them there- thanks S. Family) we had a fantastic time.

We played at the park, hung out with family, grew a garden, took swimming lessons, attended a baby blessing, visited friends, took a few road trips and just enjoyed being outside.
Summer's not over in my mind until Labor Day Monday. So I'm going to make the most of this weekend. It's going to be 91 tomorrow so I'm sure water will be involved in our day somehow!

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