It's Just a Fantasy

Have you played before? This is my first year. I had absolutely no interest in participating. When a friend invited Mr. B and I to join a league I told him no thank you from my end. I don't even watch NFL games. College is a completely different story. I follow, watch, know names etc. I think you can consider yourself a football fan when you have the games on when your husband isn't even home. I love watching college games on Saturday. But when it comes to professional? No. thank. you. I think they are a bunch of drama queens acting out a part in a production. 
 I attended the draft party to be with friends and eat the yummy food pick my team. By 'pick my team' I obviously mean Mr. B chose ever last player. A few days later competition started.
Darn my competitive nature.

I downloaded the fantasy app and can't help but check it about every 30 seconds over the weekend. What?? Your quarterback earned 42 points? Why is my wide receiver sleeping during the game. Don't you dare allow them to score Packers Defense. Ridiculous. I was on my phone last night dropping players and picking new ones. All while Mr. B snored happily beside me. I thought I wouldn't feel any need to pay attention, that I would just go along with it for something to do with him and friends. Blast, it's kind of fun! Here we go start of week 2!


Amanda said...

I. love. it! I feel the same way! My team is a little stinky so I keep researching players left and all their stats. I guess I have the competitive gene too.

J & M Squared said...

You two want to be just like me! I must be your hero! J/k isn't it so fun?? Love you girls!