Baby Shoes

I saw a tutorial for baby shoes and I wanted to give them a try. Little Lady has the tiniest feet ever! She's 9 months old and barely doesn't fit into her size 1 shoes. The size 2 are too big, so I wasn't sure how to fix that, until I found the tute. This girl desperately needed church shoes, and lucky me, I had some faux leather left from a different project. Yep, boring black. On with the show.

Do you hear that buzzer sound? Yeah me too that's the sound of an epic FAIL. Also known as my first attempt.

What in the world went wrong??? I did't follow the strap guide and the top of the shoe pattern was just too narrow.

So I extended the rounded toe portion of the pattern and actually paid attention to what I was doing... Hear that? That's the bell signaling a success. Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding!!!

I love them and yes I do see over-doing this and making them in every color imaginable thank you very much.
Probably going to embellish them too at some point...

Here's the tutorial if you want it. * she doesn't mention top-stitching around the shoe, and I would recommend that. Her 3-6 month size is the size I used it fits about a 1.5 size shoe.

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