Pinterest-My new time user

So I've been surfing Pinterest lately (who hasn't??) and I thought it would be fun to, you know, actually put some of these pins to good use! It's fun finding creative projects and all-but what's the use if you don't put them into action? Have you seen something on there you're just dying to try? Well here's your invite! I'm going to be trying some new ideas here soon, and I'll share with you what works and what really doesn't.

I think first on the list is going to be re-creating this TREE. I already have the paint, and tools, and well our play room is sooooo drab and in need of rescuing. This just might be the place to start. Green is our home's accent color. I can't wait to try this. The best part? (enter evil laugh) I'm not going to tell Mr. B. Muh ah ha ha ha ha. I'm just going to do it :) Paint is cheap anyway. Let's give it a go!

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