Random 25

My birthday is this month. I thought I'd give you enough time to find a gift for me. Aren't I thoughtful? I almost never ever ever do these things. Today I felt like it:)

#1 I can't help myself when it comes to watermelon. I can eat almost an entire one by myself. At one sitting. I usually spend the rest of the day running to the potty.

#2 You're supposed to be done laying out and getting a tan by the time you turn 27. I guess I'm going to be a wrinkly old hag, because I still love it. I don't see that changing any time soon.

#3 If I could have a super power it would be to hear others' thoughts. That way I wouldn't put my foot in my mouth, and I would know when I had something hanging out of my nose.

#4 I wish I was better at sewing.

#5 I'm a dreamer. Not the 'this is what I could make of my life' kind of dreamer, but the night kind. Every night I have at least one crazy dream. They are always in color, and I can almost always remember every detail. When I'm pregnant they turn into creepy horror-like dreams. Yeah it's not so fun.

#6 My latest obsession is "Words with Friends" on my phone. My husband bought the phone, so he thinks he created a monster.

#7 I love to sing in private. Singing in public gives me goose bumps.

#8 When I have endless amounts of money (enter evil laugh here) 2 things about my life will co-inside with that income level. 1. My clothes have you ever owned a pair of designer jeans? Don't judge. And 2. the type of food I eat. It would always be top of the line. Nope, 3 things. I would hire a hair stylist.

#9 My hair and I have a love/hate relationship. If I had an extra 2 hours everyday I think I would love it more, because I would actually have time to do it. Then again I'd probably just spend those hours crafting, and would continue to hate it. It never looks right even when I try. I can't tell you how many times I've styled my hair, and hated it on the way to something so much I take it down and just put it up in a pony tail. True story.

#10 If I could take one more class in college, it would be a photo editing course. You can't pay me enough money to go back to school.

#11 I've always wanted to take a picture in a wheat field/sun flower field. Either will do. I want to take one of my daughters in either setting more.

#12 I never paint my finger nails, and my toes are never without paint.

#13 I hate it when the food on my plate touches other food on my plate. Grosses me out. If I had my way I would get a serving of one thing, eat it and go back for the next. That would be ridiculous. It would make me so much happier.

#14 I'm closer to 30 than 20. That feels odd.

#15 Now that I've had 2 girls the thought of having a son seems far fetched. I have no idea how to raise boys. We'll see. No I'm not pregnant, and won't be for awhile-although 5 days ago someone asked me if I was.
#16 The other day my daughter and I were playing with water in the backyard. A teenage girl from a few houses down yelled out her window "no one wants to see that" Can I tell you that any shred of self confidence I had at that moment left. Now I'm just not self conscience anymore. Thanks rude teenager.

#17 I've often wondered now that I am a SAHM was my degree worth it? The degree? Yes. The level of difficulty it required? Probably not. I should have just gotten a degree in sports and leisure or something. That would have been a lot more fun.

#18 Top 5 places I want to travel to right now: Greece, France, Italy, Pacific Northwest, Southwest. That would be fitting if I flew Southwest.

#19 My favorite flavor: Mint anything. I think subconsciously it's because I hope my breath smells nice after. Peanut butter anything is a close second, but who likes peanut breath?

#20 I'm like a little kid when I get a card in the mail. I almost always hope for money or an invitation to something.

#21 I think about what kind of theme my daughter's birthday parties should be almost all year round. Yes I know it's crazy.

#22 I ran track in high school but as big as my feet are, I should have been a swimmer too.

#23 I don't have a favorite color. Seriously. I almost dread this question. I like them all. Is that odd? Probably. I change what color I'm into almost daily. If I HAD to choose one? It would be green. But ask me tomorrow and my answer will probably be different. I went through a gray and yellow phase recently, now I'm into a stormy- grayish blue color. Who knows.
#24 In a perfect world I would choose yard work over house work probably 100 to 1. The 1 time would be if I needed to paint the interior walls.
#25 I am obsessed with flowers in just about every form. I'm kind of nervous I'm going to be that old lady that everywhere you look you see them. On the couch, on the curtains, on the tablecloth, on the walls. Seriously if I get to that point would one of you have an intervention with me?

And that's me. If you complete a list, let me know I want to read it. Thanks for the idea Naptime Report.

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realmaplesyrup said...

I am the same way about party themes, dreams, painted nails, and getting something in the mail. At least we are similar as sisters in SOME way.. :) p.s. #4 doesn't count. Of course you are allowed your opinion, but I think you are a GREAT sewer.