How to make an Antique Jar Label

I seriously spent an hour looking for the best "free" printable. Nothing looked the way I wanted it to, so I just went to good ol' Publisher. Here's what I did.
When you open the program you'll see tons of blank document sizes. I was looking for an index card size.

So I just did a search for one. You also have the option of creating your own size.

I wanted a horizontal label, so that's what I chose.

Next I wanted a border for the label to make it look authentic. Click on Insert, and click on the image that says clip art.

When the clip art window opens do a search for boarders, and find the one you like best. I knew my label was going to be printed in black and white, so I ignored the color of the border.

This might be hard to do to, but picture the boarder facing the direction of your label. You can rotate any image 360 degrees.

To insert words go to format and add a text box. You can choose if you want your text box to have a border or not. I chose no border.

Then just fill in your words the size and font you like best and print. I printed a few per page just to make sure I cut it out the way I wanted.

Cut one out. Rub the edges of the paper on an ink pad. I wanted the clean look so I left mine black and white. If you want it to look 'aged' soak the paper in used coffee grounds mixed with water for a few seconds. It will look slightly brown. I used a black ink pad. Brown would look great if you aged your paper.

Then I just decoupaged them onto the jars.

And you're done!

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