To The Park!

My sister and SIL went to a nearby park a few days ago and invited me to come along. I love doing things with family, and with 7.5 cousins (my SIL is expecting) it sure does make for a great time.

The park is a farm that is historically accurate. We got there later than everyone else due to naps, so we were running from interest to interest because the older cousins were showing my daughters that best things.

It was so family friendly. There were large step-stool ladders for younger children to climb up and see the animals.

This is how they grind the corn. Everyone took turns cranking the wheel to make the food.

Little Madame was not a fan of the horses. Maybe when the height to height ratio is a little closer she'll feel more comfortable.

She did love the turkeys though. Who knew?

Little Lady was there too, she was just attached to me the whole time.

Go out and explore the parks around you. See what you discover about your little ones.

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realmaplesyrup said...

The kids had such a good time! It makes me so happy to have our children be able to spend time together and grow up with instant friends. Cute pics of you and the girls btw!