Move Over Pottery Barn!

Mr. B was about to donate all of these shirts. Sorry VOA, I'm a craftaholic.

So I cut and cut and cut some more... and ended up with 184 pieces that were 8.5" square.
I tried leaving some of the detail of the shirts just for fun.

I placed the pieces out to see what kind of pattern I wanted. My MIL offered to watch little Madame for a day, and knowing I had this project in the works, it was perfect. She was happy, and I got to lay everything out undisturbed!

Last step was sewing each row, and then connecting the rows. Easy.

The best part? I had enough squares to make 2!! SO little Madame and little Lady now have matching quilts. I'm getting them professionally quilted, so when they come back I'll show the final look. Oh I can already see their room coming together! Move over potty barn, I'm upcycling some dress shirts!

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