I Survived

The Mud Run was a blast! I can't tell you enough about it or it would take 3 days to read. It was amazing. (My friend took pictures so when she gets back from vacation and sends them to me I'll post them here) The entire race was in a forest at a boy scout camp. Picture about 6 inches of mud everywhere you turn. We went up ravines and down ravines. Some of the obstacles included a 30 foot cargo net, foot-high wire you had to army crawl underneath, a ten foot platform you had to jump off of into a water hole, logs laid on top of a pit you had to do over-unders to get through, rope swings, and rivers to swim across. It was kind of insane, but I LOVED it! I won't tell you my time, because I was just going with friends and Mr. B (who ran in on a sprained ankle mind you-go Mr. B!) so I wasn't running it competitively. The next time though-look out mud run! One guy lost both of the soles of his boots and had to do it barefoot.At one point I remember looking down and seeing mud and water come out from the top of my shoe where the mesh part is. My mud run shirt did survive although now it just looks kind of cloudy. In all a wonderful time!

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